Our RFID tags are supported with industry standard inlays or custom coil based antenna.

RFID Readers

A RFID reader is a device used to collect information from RFID tag which is used to track individual objects.

RFID Antenna's

We have developed a range of antennas to maximize installation performance.

RFID Consulting

Need consultation in RFID projects wheather it is for hardware or software, the RFID consulting experts at Ruddersoft can help.

RFID Site Assessment (Survey)

The purpose of the site assessment is to evaluate the environment in which the RFID system would come in place.

RFID Application Development

Are you searching for the best RFID application development partner in India? Ruddersoft is here to help you.

RFID Application Integration

The RFID system can be put in use in the most effective and efficient way only if it is integrated seamlessly with the existing systems in the organization.

RFID Application Maintenance

Improvement, Rerun stopped existing RFID system, or fixing the problem in he existing RFID system.

RFID Support

Hardware support services, software support, expert technical support, & resolving integration issues etc..

Who We Are

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