RFiD Tags for Solar Panels

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We provide special tags with enhanced read range compared to standard passive UHF tags for similar usage. These tags provide absolute reliability and accuracy, with superior read rates on solar panels and modules. They are specifically designed for Solar Panels with long lasting capability in harsh environment.

As per the MNRE guidelines it is mandatory that each solar or PV Module must contain an RFID tag in order to identify and track it throughout its useful life. Each RFID tag attached to a particular module is encoded with the name of the manufacturer of modules, name of the manufacture of solar cells, the month, year and country of manufacture for the module as well as the cells, the module’s technical specifications like its wattage, performance statistics, etc. It also contains a serial number that uniquely identifies the module. We set the entire requirement for PV modules as per MNRE, Government of India.

Having an enhanced read range and reduced size, our tags are ideal for:

  • Tracking solar panels
  • Individual panel identification
  • Ensuring adherence to MNRE standards
Frequency:FCC: 902-928 MHz ETSI: 865-868 MHz ASIA: 950-956 MHz
Protocol:EPC Class 1 Gen 2: ISO 18000-6C
Antenna Size:94.8 mm x 8.15 mm
Label Size:101.2 mm x 13.5 mm (Also Customizable)
Available Formats:Wet Inlays/Paper Label/Polyester Label
Protocol:EPC Class 1 Gen 2
Operating Frequency:860 – 960 MHz
EPC Memory:Up to 480 bits
User Memory:512 bits
Operating temperature :-50°C / +85°C
(-58°F / +185°F)
Protocol:EPC Class 1 Gen 2
Operating Frequency:860 – 960 MHz
EPC Memory:128 bits
User Memory:128 bits
Operating temperature :-50°C / +85°C
(-58°F / +185°F)
Antenna Material:Aluminium/Silver Ink
Front Face Material:White TT Printable label
White TT Printable Plastic
Adhesive :Solvent-free permanent acrylic adhesive
Final inspection:100% tested; defective tags marked